About Terrain Pharmaceuticals

Terrain delivers innovative drug products to wholesalers and distributors.  As an emerging drug manufacturer, we supply the resources to help spur treatment evolution in specialty markets.  Our products are designed to be what healthcare professionals can trust most.  We value patient safety and product quality above all else.  Our home is in beautiful Reno-Tahoe.

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Product Development

We provide solutions for patients and healthcare professionals to treat unique conditions.  Our development efforts include input from a variety of providers across the nation.  This feedback is vital in fostering the growth of our products and their benefits to patients and providers.

Our executive team understands the industry and regulatory standards that are required of our day-to-day operation.  We strive to not only meet these requirements, but exceed them as well.  The top priority at Terrain is improving the lives of others.  We will always work hard to ensure patient safety and product quality above all else.


Phone / Fax : 877-985-TERRAIN (8377) | Email : info@terrainrx.com